Latex is a popular kink among porn viewers and performers. It often features people wearing tight-fitting clothing made from latex, PVC, or other synthetic materials. This fetish can involve outfits such as catsuits, jumpsuits, lingerie, or even full body suits. Latex pornography typically features bondage and other BDSM activities with a heavy emphasis on domination and submission. It often involves hardcore sex acts and can be quite extreme at times.

Wet Punk Faggot Fisting featuring Doc Benway, Leo Forte
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Wet Punk Faggot Fisting It's closing time and Doc Benway clears the bar throwing everyone out but Leo Forte. The horny bartender wants to lay his mitts on the frisky Latino, and the feeling's mutual. Doc climbs aboard the bar and bends over. Leo rims the puckered manhole, juicing it up sloppily and even getting some sucks in on Doc's cock. The submissive barkeepgets down on his back excited, tense and eager for some serious gut-busting as he watches his master putting on black latex gloves. After greasing up, Leo jabs one fist and then the other inside the slicked-up crack. Each thrust is driven deeper and farther than the previous, and every direct punch makes Doc howl with pained pleasure. Leo finally fucks Doc, spiking the sensitive hole with histhick dick as fiercely as he did with the intense fisting. He then creams his partner's back with his spooge before greedily licking it up. Doc finishes himself off by hand, beating his meat furiously until he shoots a load of cum. featuring Fisting Central Men Doc Benway, Leo Forte!
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