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Grant III Military Porn Video
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Grant is a 21-year old dude who is smooth, baby-faced, has dark hair and a ready-for-anything attitude. He stands 5'10' tall and weighs in at around 175 lbs. I tell him how he's ready to go 0-60 in nothing flat -- he's just that amped to 'explore' the other side of the line …He's a friend of Cruz, who you've already met before. Grant jokes that he and Cruz are ready for anything, and quick to adapt, otherwise, you'll perish. I haven't heard it put quite that way by one of our models, but I'm rolling with it! Grant says that he and Cruz are willing to do whatever it takes to become stars in the industry. Now that's the right spirit!I tell Grant that I've got someone who wrote in, asking to be gang banged by a bunch of military guys. Grant effectively says to bring him in, and he and Cruz are down to burn it down. 'We're gonna fuckin' tear him a new one!' he says, laughing. Well, before we get to the possible gang bang, let's get up close and personal with Grant, shall we? He puts on a rip roaring solo show -- where he ends up a literal sweaty mess in the end.
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